Total Lawn Care Shrub Trimming and Plant Care Services

When you invested in the landscape of your commercial building, you likely spent quite a bit. Over time, you’ll notice that your landscape becomes more and more difficult to manage, and while that is the case, it should never go entirely uncared for. When your landscape becomes more than you’d like to maintain, it’s time to call Total Lawn Care.

Our commercial plant care and landscape architect teams can help you create a comprehensive maintenance package to bring out the best in your commercial landscape. Total Lawn Care is the right choice for your plant care needs.

Schedule a free shrub trimming or plant care estimate with Total Lawn Care today.

The professional commercial plant care team at Total Lawn Care can offer:

      • Plant and shrub pruning
      • Shrub and flower planting
      • Bed maintenance and mulching
      • Insect & disease management
      • Fertilization
      • And much more!

Why hire a professional plant care team for your commercial property?

Professional landscape architects understand the proper timing and methods involved with pruning your shrubs. The Total Lawn Care team of professionals can handle the complications of any plant care issue that you are having on your commercial space. You can guarantee that our team will always provide you with the highest quality of service so that your landscape is fully managed and looks incredible.