Here in Winder, it’s not uncommon to see a brown patch in a yard, or maybe even an entire yard that is lacking beautiful green grass. While it is more common that we might like to see, the truth is that you don’t have to settle for a dead lawn. At Total Lawn Care, we do everything that we can to ensure that the residents of the area we serve have a lawn that they love.

While having a lush, green yard isn’t easy, it is entirely possible. There are a few things that you need to do in order to increase the chances of it happening, but that doesn’t mean that it will come easy or that it won’t be worth it. Here are a few of the steps that would need to happen if you’ve become the owner of a nice dead yard.


If you have a yard that is patchy, the key might be adding new seed to your yard. This is a tedious task that requires the proper procedure, but it is usually the one that will most benefit a patchy yard. The seed that you use to fill these patches should be looked into before you plant them. There are too many instances where people lay seed that is a different type of grass than what their yard is already made of, which only leaves a yard looking so much more interesting.


If your yard is simply not growing and it hasn’t for a while, SOD might be the supply that you look into. This is the roll of grass that people think of when they imagine laying grass. Each roll of grass provides you with some fertilizer and a nice bed of green grass to lay. The concept is that over time, these rolls of grass will settle and make a home in your yard that is just as thick and luscious. This is something that definitely takes time and can require some planning in regards to season and space. If you’re interested in learning more about this, our team can definitely help you out.


We’ve talked about it before, and there’s no doubt we’ll talk about it again, but watering is a huge component of a healthy lawn. If you have a dead lawn, there’s a chance that you do not water it enough, or too much. One of the things that you need to ask yourself is whether or not the watering technique that you’re using is outdated and if it’s time to consider investing in a sprinkler system. We can work with you to find one that meets your needs, but we guarantee that this type of system is a first step towards caring for a yard that you’re going to love.


We have also mentioned the importance of removing weeds from your yard. This small task can take some time, but it provides your lawn with the healthy environment that it needs to thrive. If you have weeds that are overtaking your yard, then you should consider scheduling our weed control services so that we can eliminate the problem entirely.


One of the most common services offered by lawn care professionals is lawn mowing and tree trimming. The reason behind this is that it is easily one of the most beneficial services to your yard. The trimming that we do to your yard and trees allows for these components of your yard to continue to grow. One of the underlying reasons that it is so common is that it’s really easy to fall behind on this specific task. Rather than worry about when you’ll finally find time to mow the lawn, you can trust our team to cut it on the routine basis that is suggested for optimal growth.

Full-Time Care

The thing that you need to realize is that being the owner of a beautiful lawn is something that requires full-time care. There isn’t one season that provides the most opportunity for a new yard to thrive, but rather multiple things that you can focus on to ensure that your yard is receiving the best care possible in every season so that it thrives in the long run.
This requires doing the steps we’ve listed above, and more on a routine basis. This doesn’t always seem like a difficult thing to stay on top of, but the truth is that they can become overwhelming steps that you slack on or get frustrated with. Rather than let your yard suffer any longer, trust the team at Total Lawn Care. We are professionals in quality lawn care and are able to provide the high-quality supplies and experience that your yard needs to turn a new leaf.

If you’re interested in learning more about these services that we offer, reach out to our team today and allow for us to provide you with more information and schedule a time to get your lawn care services started!