As professionals of lawn care, we have done our best to constantly find ways to improve the care of your yard. From the procedures that we complete to the products that we use on your yard, we really do have the best interest of your lawn care in mind. One of the things that people are always talking about is fertilizer. This is something that we take the time to do so that lawns can grow healthy and strong, but does anyone know why it is so important or what it really does? This is something that you should consider and understand just so that you really do understand what it is that you’re going to get out of investing in this process.


The same way that our bodies need nutrients to thrive, our lawn also requires specific nutrients in order to grow thick and feathery. The hard part of that is knowing what types of nutrients they need. When the team at Total Lawn Care comes through and completes the fertilization process, we know exactly what type of fertilizer your yard needs so that it can thrive. Depending on what type of issues your yard is having, we will provide you with the nutrients that will counter those problems and help your lawn grow even stronger in the year to come.

Weed Control

One of the areas that we focus on quite a bit are the weeds. We’ve touched on it before, and we’ll do it again, but having a yard full of weeds is the last thing that anyone wants. Fertilization can contribute greatly to reducing a number of weeds that you have show up in your yard. When a yard is healthy, it’s able to manage weeds all on its own and eliminate them when they recognize it as something that’s unfamiliar to its natural growth. Having a healthy yard is the best type of weed control that you could invest in.


If you’re familiar with the process of growth with plants, then you know that oxygen is a crucial part of growth. When you do add fertilizer to your yard, you’re providing it with the nutrients that it needs to grow. In doing so, most people will also aerate so that these nutrients can make their way to the roots of the lawn. When you do this you open areas of your yard so that air can make its way down to the core and give it a little spurt of growth.

Soft Lawn

If you and your family enjoy spending time on the grass in your yard, then you definitely want to invest in a company that can properly fertilize your yard. The yard that we’re looking to create is one that is soft to the touch, lush and full, which is what turns it into that soft yard that people always love.

An Investment

Your yard is an investment, and that’s undeniable at the end of the day. You spend time cleaning it up, mowing it, watering it and enjoying it, so it makes sense to invest in fertilization of your yard. In doing so you are providing it with a care that provides it with so much more than any individual part of the process. What makes this such a crucial part of the process is that it is the base nutrition of a healthy lawn. With this one piece, you’re able to enjoy a luscious lawn and a healthy lawn.

There are so many reasons that this process is one that you should invest in, and you can ask any member of our team and we’ll stand behind our reasoning with why this is something that every yard should have completed every so often.

If you’re looking for a lawn that you can love, and the one that you have right now could use some help, make sure to call Total Lawn Care. We can help you by providing you with the nutrients that it needs to thrive. Make sure to check out that and all of the other lawn care services that we offer so that you can get all of the care needed by a lawn care company that you trust.