Your lawn requires some very routine and serious treatments in order for it to remain healthy and alive. From a proper watering system to the nutrients that your grass needs in order to thrive, you really have to have a good understanding of what your lawn needs in order to provide it. At Total Lawn Care, we do the dirty work so that you don’t have to. As a full-service lawn care company, you can count on our team to constantly be one step ahead of the game and ready to provide you with the absolute best service in Athens.

Our blog post today is dedicated to one of the services that we offer that needs to be done on a strict routine so that you can see your yard thrive: fertilization.

What is Fertilizer

THe same as with any plant, the grass is grown from a seed Fertilizer a chemical or natural base of ingredients and nutrients that increase the fertility of your lawn, or whatever plant it may be that you’re putting the fertilizer around.The result is a plant or yard that grows at an increased rate, giving you a healthier and livelier result.

When to Fertilize

As we mentioned before, understanding your yard is the key to understanding when things need to get done. Living in Athens you have to consider the heat that will always show up. That being said, the best time to fertilize your lawn is going to be in the late spring, where temperatures are still warm, but they’re not hot enough to immediately dry up the fertilizer that you just put down.

By doing it at this point of the year, you are providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive and grow, but you’re giving it a temperature and atmosphere that it can thrive in. Doing it even just a few days or weeks too late can leave you with a yard that experiences absolutely none of these results.

Reasons You Should Fertilize

Everyone wants to have a beautiful yard, but there are times where using fertilizer is a better option or a great place to turn when you’re not sure what else could help your yard. The main cases that you’re going to want to add fertilizer into the regimen of care that you’re giving your yard is when you are seeing patchy areas where the grass that you have is clearly not getting the nutrients that it needs.

The way that we like to look at fertilizer is similar to how vitamins nourish our bodies. While it may not entirely kill our body, we do suffer when we are lacking a particular vitamin. If our yard is ever lacking a nutrient, it will start to show signs. One of them is yellowing or a stunt in growth. If this happens, understanding what the issue is can help you determine what type of fertilizer you need in order to counter the issue.

This is another time that having a professional working on your yard is beneficial. If you don’t recognize the issue at hand, it’s nearly impossible to determine what type of fertilizer you need. Let our team analyze your yard and provide you with the necessary nutrients to counter it!

Over Fertilizing

While fertilization is intended to provide incredible results for the trees and yard that you’re maintaining, there is such a thing as over fertilizing. It’s so amusing how too much of a good thing can actually ruin the thing that you’re working so hard to keep healthy. Fertilization is one of those things. While it seems that it would be helpful if you over fertilize you will start to notice that your plants start to wilt and the grass turns a yellowish color. If you back off the fertilization for a little bit and focus more on watering, you can give the fertilizer a chance to settle and the plant or grass to soak up the nutrients.

When you’re not sure what it is that your yard needs, you can count on Total Lawn Care to get it taken care of. From mowing and fertilization to trimming branches and landscaping details, we are the team that can take care of you. Call our office today and we’ll ensure that you have an appointment scheduled to meet with a professional from our team.