As temperatures start to drop, there’s this common misconception that the care that we need to do for our yard suddenly stops, however, that’s not the case. There are still quite a few things that you’ll need to do to ensure that your yard is in a good, healthy condition even when the summer days are over.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to one of the tasks that definitely needs to be completed, though very few people will take the initiative to take care of it until it’s too late. We’re going to look into blowing out your sprinklers and preparing your irrigation system for the cold of winter that will quickly be arriving here in Athens.

Blowing Out Your Sprinklers

The biggest thing that you’ll want to do to your yard as the season changes is to make sure that there’s no sitting water in your pipes. This is extremely important for a wide range of reasons, but ultimately, doing this to your yard early on in the season can ensure that you don’t wind up having to pay more money later on. The types of issues that this can create in a yard are ones that you’ll wind up spending thousands of dollars on, which should hopefully be enough of a reason to just commit to getting this done.

While we do hope that the price tag of repairs from a lack of preparation has will keep you on top of getting this done, there are still a few other reasons that we’re going to cover.

Water Freezes

The primary reason that we have to blow out our sprinkler system is that of the lingering water that can hang out in our pipes. When we don’t entirely remove everything from the pipes, they are able to freeze which in turn ruins the water system that they’re hooked up to. This type of issue could ultimately cost you an entirely new water supply system and replacement of many pipes. At the very least, this will cost you the amount to get your sprinklers replaced.

No matter how little water was left in the pipes when these pipes freeze, they damage the entire system. If you can remember back to when you had your sprinklers installed, then you know that’s not a process that you want to take on again.

Double Check It

After having your irrigation system blown out, don’t jump to the conclusion that you’re done. Something that everyone should do when they’re going through this process is blow out their sprinklers twice. This may take a little bit longer to complete, but it will really ensure that everything is out of the system so that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Aside from double checking your pipes and any stagnant water in them, you should also check the power supply and the system that keeps your sprinklers running. Both of these things are going to be crucial to the functionality of your sprinklers and both of them will cost quite a bit to repair, so it’s necessary that you take time to check them, double check them and properly close everything off.

These types of things will ensure that your sprinkler system is ready to go when the season starts back up. The more often that you do this the more that you will get into the habit of doing so, which will ensure that you are giving your irrigation system the lifetime that it’s warranted for, as well as keep you in check and ready for the coming season. It always feels good to start off the season knowing that you’ve prepared the items that you’ll need to use.

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