I have yet to encounter an individual that is passionate about weeding. Having a weed free yard is one thing, but the actual work that it takes to remove weeds from a yard is an entirely new story. The overall thing is pretty tedious, but it’s time consuming and requires hours in the sun that can make the experience an unbearable one. At Total Lawn Care, we provide you with all of the high-quality services that you need to keep your yard looking beautiful, without ever having to actually spend any time removing weeds. Aside from that, there are a few techniques that we offer so that you can minimize the chances of weeds popping up in the first place. Here are a few myths that we’ve heard that seem to be less than accurate.

Table Salt

This is one that we couldn’t help but laugh at. Of course table salt is going to kill your weeds! But along with that it will kill any other living trees and grass that you have in the area. Salt is an absolutely brutal substance to have anywhere near your yard. Salt sucks up all of the moisture from the plant and any surrounding plants. In doing so, it keeps any moisture from making its way to the roots of your problems. Of course that is something that sounds great for weeds, but sprinkling salt over your weeds ever so carefully sounds much more time consuming and awful than weeding does in the first place, especially if even the smallest spill leads to a patch of dead grass.

Dish Soap

Known for its ability to remove some of the nastiest of grimes and greases from your dishes, dish soap has also been rumored to help remove weeds from your yard. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to toss that one to the basket of myths we’ve debunked as well. Dish soap is actually one of the ways that most people wind up killing their lawn and plants. It may seem like something that doesn’t make sense, considering we use it to wash our dishes that we eat off of and it’s also said to get rid of pests, how can it be harmful? What it really comes down to it, the soap that we use to wash dishes is pretty high in chemicals. At least, high enough so that it can damage living plants. If you look at the ingredients, most will contain chemicals like bleach, enzymes, dyes, rinsing aids, and fragrances. All of these are fine when it comes to dishes that we’re eating off of, but when you put them on a plant they can soak up the moisture and kill off the roots.

There are certain soaps known as insecticidal soaps that are used in gardens and lawns as a pesticide, but those also require some pretty serious depth to determine if they’re good for your yard.

Weed Killer

It’s easy to head out to the store, pick up a bottle of the most affordable weed killer, and take it home with high hopes that it will clear out any weed issues that have developed in your yard, but the truth is that these highly acidic batches of chemicals can kill much more than just your weeds. These are used all the time in homes across the nation, but they really do leave some serious damage marks on your yard that can last for much longer than you realize.

Getting rid of weeds is something that makes sense, because we all want to enjoy the lawn that we have at home. While that is the case, it’s important to make sure that whatever it is you’re doing is also going to be providing your yard with the care that it needs and the overall care procedures that will allow for it to continue to thrive.

Total Lawn Care uses techniques that are gentle on your yard so that you’re able to enjoy a yard that is chemical free and healthy. We do everything that we can to provide you with full lawn care services so that you are able to enjoy your yard at the end of every day, without having to do much work. Call our team today and allow for us to schedule a time where we can head out to your home and manage your yard maintenance.