Weeds are easily one of the worst parts of having to maintain a lawn, but they’re almost entirely inevitable, so chances are that you’ll be looking for a way to eliminate them from your yard. If you’re looking for a way to remove them without the inclusion of chemicals, you’re in luck.

The team at Total Lawn Care has a few eco-friendly techniques that you can use to get rid of any weeds that are taking up residence in your yard. Check them out below and eliminate your weeds!

Landscape Fabric

One of the methods to eliminating weeds that have been used for quite some time now is the landscape fabric that is thick enough to stop the sprouting of weeds. This is fairly easy to put down, especially if you’re just now starting to put grass or mulch down. Simply by a roll of this, lay it out to cover the land that you’re working on. The barrier that you’re putting down will physically stop any weeds from pushing up into your yard.

Add Mulch Anyways

Even if you don’t decide to use landscaping fabric that stops weeds from sprouting up, mulch is a fantastic tool to use in your yard. Aside from the fact that it helps you conserve water in your yard, mulch is known for its ability to slow down the process of weeds sprouting up, mostly because it doesn’t give them the nourishment that they need to thrive. If there are any areas that you aren’t going to have grass put down, consider putting down some mulch just so that you can minimize the chances of weeds sprouting.

Longer Grass

This tactic may sound silly, but the length of your grass can actually have a huge impact on the number of weeds that you’re seeing in your yard. The reason behind that is that when you cut your grass close to the surface, you are exposing it to much more light. Since the grass is cut close, the light is able to go deeper into the soil, where the seeds of weeds lay, and give them the food that they need to grow. If you’re not wanting to have weeds anytime soon, you should definitely consider adding some height to your lawn.


If you have some weeds growing in your yard that are simply ruthless, then you need to bring in the big guns. Now, we are talking purely eco-friendly tactics today, so we aren’t actually suggesting any tactic that is going to cause harm to you or your yard, but it is one that actually works! If you have an area that you can’t seem to conquer, try putting some newspaper over the area. This will help keep the sun from getting to their roots so that they don’t continue to grow. If you pull them, make sure to cover up the whole that you dug them out of, then proceed to cover them with the newspaper. This will keep that space covered from the sun and give the soil some time to fill in.

Add Other Plants

If you can’t beat them, join them. While it isn’t the most obvious route to take, adding more plants to your yard is a fantastic way to draw the focus away from the plants in your yard and give you a much better-looking space. Just by visiting a nursery or an arborist, you can find all sorts of plants that will make beautiful additions to your home. We’re sure that you will find a variety of plants that will all draw attention away from the weeds that you can’t seem to beat.

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