Weeding is one of the most dreaded ways that you could spend your weekend, but it’s one that almost everyone has to do. The downside to weeding is that there are so many different types of weeds it can be hard to know whether or not the leaves that you’re seeing sprout up from your yard are due to a weed that you need to remove, or if they’re a nice new plant that’s sprouting up.

Whether you’re sure of the weeds that are taking up your yard, or you have absolutely no idea what they are, Total Lawn Care is the team of individuals that can provide you with the high-quality weed control services that you need. Today, we’re going to go over a few of the most commonly found weeds and how you can identify them.


Depending on who you are, this is a weed or a wish. The little yellow flowers grow almost instantly when the warm weather comes around, but when they die, they’re fluffy little bodies are easy to spot. While they may be one of the weeds that look cute, they are incredibly easy to spread and very difficult to get rid of. The way that the seeds for this flower are spread is at the end of their life when they are a big fluff ball. Whether it’s the wind that’s blowing the seeds, or someone convinced they have a wish in the weed, these seeds land and are all that it takes to have even more dandelions sprouting.


Another commonly found weed is known as crabgrass. This weed looks incredibly similar to the grass that you’d see if your yard was browning and a little bit more on the dead side of things. What’s funny about this weed is that very rarely do people realize that this isn’t just another blade of grass in their yard. These pieces of grass are going to be thicker and a little bit pokey. This is something that we see often here because it is most commonly found in warm areas. Without knowing that this is a weed, the chances of it spreading throughout your yard are much higher.

Ground Ivy

Remember how we talked about some weeds having a camouflage that leaves us thinking they’re another plant? Ground ivy is one of those weeds! This weed is known for having beautiful flowers that are a light purple in color while giving off a similar look to the mint plant, which no one has ever really complained about having, right? While it does have a nice look to it, it is also knick named “Creeping Charlie” because of the rapid growth that this weed is capable of. This is one that some people might enjoy, but for most, it requires the help of a professional to get rid of.

White or Dutch Clover

While we’re on the topic of weeds that have a beautiful flower that they produce, the white, or Dutch, clover is another weed that people often recognize as a plant in their space. This weed produces small white flowers that are soft and look sweet in a yard, but it’s another weed that is known for its ability to spread like wildflower. In the case that you do like this plant in your yard, there are plenty of people that do make the most of its growth and leave it as a component of the landscape. It’s really just your preference that it comes down to.

There are plenty of other weeds that are common to the Athens homes, but these four are ones that we see often. If you’re not sure whether or not the plant growing in your yard is a weed, you can always count on our team of professionals to provide you with insight and schedule a time to take care of them.

If there are one or more species of weeds that you’re looking to get rid of in your yard, you can count on Total Lawn Care to be the team that eliminates them. Call our office today and we can schedule a consultation for you. Aside from that, make sure to check out all of the lawn care services that we offer to gain some leverage on your yard this summer.