April showers bring May flowers, at least that’s how the saying goes. If you have a yard then you’ve probably seen that the April showers have brought patchy grass, a wide variety of weeds and a few mosquitos that linger over pools of water that have collected at the low points in your yard. Not exactly the ideal situation. Total Lawn Care knows that so often we expect the best outcome when in reality we are going to get a little more work than we were ready to chew. Luckily, we offer full lawn care services to the Lawrenceville area so that you don’t have to worry about whatever it was that the April showers did bring you.


This is one of those lawn care services that you should never skip if at all possible. Aeration is one of the best ways to guarantee a healthy lawn, early on. This procedure brings up plugs of the ground that makes up your lawn and allows for water, sunshine, and fertilizer to make its way down to the roots of the grass. It is a process that makes a huge difference when you invest the time into having it aerated, watered and then fertilized.


The same way that haircuts promote healthy hair, mowing your lawn can improve the speed with which your grass grows. We can definitely manage to mow your lawn and doing so in a way that leaves it looking clean and sharp. We include full edging and mowing services each time that we mow your yard, and if it is growing at a rate that’s hard to manage on your own, we can come by and get it done bi-weekly. This will keep your landscape looking incredible, and we know that you’ll notice the difference.

Lawn Drain

Watering is an absolute must when you’re trying to achieve a green lawn, but overwatering can lead to dead grass and patchy spots. In order to avoid that, we install lawn drains that can keep any pools of water that form at the bottom of slopes, from forming. These drains are pretty easy to install, but the difference that they make is incredible. If you’re not sure what type of drain you should install into your yard, we can help you out.

Total Lawn Care also offers weeding, shrub trimming, tree pruning and a variety of other services that you can make the most of as spring finally settles in. Call our office today to schedule your lawn care services with our trustworthy team!