When the days start to cool down and become enjoyable because you’re able to do more outdoors, you know that fall has officially set in. Of course, that means some of the best holidays and some time spent with friends and family, but it also means that the scatter of leaves in your yard is bound to pile up.

Now that we are going to be expecting that moving forward, there are a few things that you should know about raking leaves so that you know what to do after you finish collecting piles of leaves this coming season.

Health vs. Tidy

Many people think that they rake their leaves to make their lawn look better, but raking is so much more than just making your lawn look clean. In fact, the reason that we rake our leaves is actually to provide our lawns with additional health. If you aren’t aware that leaves actually hurt your lawn, then it’s time that we cover some of the ways that not raking can hurt a yard.

Need to Breathe

One of the many reasons that raking needs to be done is because our yards lose the ability to breathe and get the nutrients that they need when they’re completely covered by leaves. When that happens, our yard is not only missing out on sunlight but also on quick and easy water flow and air, all of which are necessary for our yards to thrive.

High Chance of Disease

The most common issue that we worry about in regards to leaves building up is that when they are wet and weighed down on the grass, they can begin to stick to the grass, making them difficult to pick up. At that point, they can get left behind and stuck to the grass, but more importantly, they become a quick and easy way to have mold and disease spread throughout your yard. These types of issues are ones that won’t be easy to take care of short-term and could require you having to tear out pieces of your yard to repair.

Winter Damage

It may be a couple of months out, but when the cold of winter does finally settle in, having leaves on your landscape could cause the land to be suffocated during the season. This is not ideal, especially if you’ve been working hard to do your best and keep the lawn healthy.

When the snow is matted onto the leaves, and then left there to suffocate the lawn when the snow does melt, your leaves are still entirely capable of cultivating a disease or form of mold. All of these issues are things that you could easily avoid just by removing leaves from your yard.

It Still Looks Nice

We know we said raking wasn’t done to make a piece of land look nice, but what we should have said is that it isn’t only for making a piece of land look nice. Seeing as how this is your commercial building, the last thing that you are going to want to do is let it make a poor first impression. Seeing as how this is the first part of your business that people will see, you need to make sure that the area is clean and looks as professional as the impression that you’d like to make.

If you’re someone that absolutely hates raking leaves and that isn’t about to change this season, then you should definitely call a professional to go and provide you with the services. If you’re not sold on having to rake, just because of the price, then you have no idea what this type of neglect to a yard can do. Invest your money in the care beforehand, not after. Especially if it’s a landscape that you own for your business.

Total Lawn Care can provide you with the full-service lawn care that you need when fall sets in. Browse the range of services that we have and find the lawn care services that will provide you with the landscape that you need to make an impression when people visit your commercial building. Contact us today and we’ll get your services scheduled.