As the owner of a business, you’ve probably got quite a few things on your plate so that you can create a reputable image and come off to people as the professional that you are. One thing that can become a little bit tricky is the tedious lawn care that can pile up on your commercial space. At Total Lawn Care, we know how challenging it can be to get all of this work done on top of the additional things that you’ve got on your plate, which is why we offer total lawn care for commercial spaces too.

In the case that you think mowing is all that your commercial space needs to have done, it’s time to think twice. While the purpose of your building may not be to look great, it is something that you’re going to be thinking about when people are getting the first impression of your business based off of the exterior. There are so many different services that become a part of the lawn care your building needs, and we want to cover the importance of each of the steps that you ought to be considering.


The health of your landscape is going to form at the root. This is the case with your home, your office space, and any other form of nature that exists. In order to have a beautiful and lush scene surrounding you and your office space, you’re going to need to invest some time in the root. For the most part, that means that you’re going to need to be investing time in the fertilization process. In doing so, you are getting the right nutrients directly to the root of your landscape. This will provide enough nutrition for your lawn, trees, and plants to grow and create a beautiful space. But while it is a big part, it isn’t the only part.

Shrub & Plant Management

If you have a commercial lawn that has quite a few trees, shrubs, bushes or plants on it, then you’re going to need someone to manage the growth. Having a lawn that grows is not a bad thing, but when it gets out of control, it starts to look a little rough around the edges. When this happens, the landscape that was initially designed to look good, now looks sloppy and out of control. When our team goes out to a commercial space, we can go through and trim branches, clean up different sections that have plants and flowers, and make sure that as a whole the space looks nice. This may not seem like something that should be prioritized, but an overgrown lawn can really affect the overall look of your space.

Aeration & Seeding

If you envisioned your commercial space with a full, lush lawn and a gorgeous scenery, you aren’t alone in that. We hear this imagery all the time and it’s one that we too love to see. However, this image requires a lot of work and the additional help of a professional. Seeding and aeration is another huge step that commercial spaces require. With a new space, growing grass is something that can take some serious time. You’re going to want to do anything that you can to help it grow in, and two of the things that you’ll have to rely on are going to be aeration and seeding. The combination of aerating your commercial building lawn and seeding is the only way that you can make the most of the soil that you have built on, or that surrounds your space. This isn’t a procedure that you’re going to need to have done on a month-by-month basis, so investing in it when you can is the best way to keep your yard looking good without constantly having to work on it.

This list of services may definitely seem annoying, but the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about taking care of it on your own. You deserve to be spending time doing the things that you’re good at, and leave us to take care of the services that we have perfected. Call Total Lawn Care and allow for us to manage it. Call today and we can help set up a schedule that will help manage the lawn at your commercial building.